August 1, 2008

This is the result of a seminar developed at the MARQ Universidad Catolica de Chile during first semester 2008. We studied the potentials of self organized structures as architectonic components. Those geometries would have a high adaptive resilient capacity, driven by a physical transformation process -temperature, wind, humidity, sound, magnetism, etc..- The system [thought as a component propagation structure] would enable global variations triggered by local ones. Therefore, it would be conceived as an interconnected network.

Tutor: Veronica Arcos

Assistant: Mario Vergara

Participants: G.Allende, M.Araya, M.Burdiles, C.Castillo, L.Fuentes, C.Goity, J.Ojeda, F.Ortiz, G.Parada, T.Pérez, S.Rozas, R.Ugalde, N.Yopo.


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